Stay Safe with Your Bike Aboard Trains


Bike Month is continuing and we knows many of you are joining in and taking your bikes on trains, especially for the free rides we’re offering through Friday for Bike to Work Week.  We went to remind you on how to stay safe when using your bike and Metrolink!

Bikes are allowed on any Metrolink train car and each regular train car can hold three bikes. The special Bike/Board Cars are designed to hold six bikes on the lower level.


For the safety of all passengers, please walk, not ride, bikes onto the station platforms. When you hear your train announced, move to the area behind the boarding line. As a courtesy, wait until all riders have cleared the doorway before getting on.

Please ensure that your bicycle does not create a hazard and does not block the movement of other passengers. Bicycles must be secured by using the provided straps on board trains.


At the conductor’s discretion, if space is not available, the conductor may require a bicyclist to relocate the bike to a different car or wait for a later train as bike storage is available on a first come, first-served basis. Most Metrolink stations offer bike racks or bike lockers for passengers. Please check the individual station pages to verify if bike amenities are available. For more information about bringing bicycles on board Metrolink trains, visit:

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