Stay Safe Around Railroad Tracks

Metrolink wants to remind you to stay safe when it comes to trains!

See tracks? Think train!

About every three hours, a person or vehicle is struck by a train, according to Operation Lifesaver. Don’t tempt fate on railroad tracks. When you see tracks, think train!

Stay off the tracks.

Tracks are for trains. They are private property. Walking, biking, jogging or playing on or near the train tracks is considered trespassing and is illegal. Last year, 1,081 people were killed or injured in the U.S. from walking, bicycling or playing on the railroad tracks according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

Stay focused to stay alive.

Always expect a train. Trains are quieter than ever and travel faster than you think. Deaths and injuries from crossing crashes and pedestrian-train incidents are on the rise. Why? Texting, headphones and other distractions. Pedestrians should always stop, look and listen for a train before crossing the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings.

Never try to beat a train.

Only cross tracks if you are sure your vehicle can clear the tracks without stopping. Remember that trains can take up to a half-mile to come to a complete stop.

Pay attention to signs.

Warning signs save lives. Approach all crossings with care, and do not ignore any warning signs or gates. If your children cross tracks on the way to school, make sure they can read, understand and follow the signs.

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  1. Of course, but unfortunately there is people disrespect to rules and regulations!!!

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