Calling All Metrolink College Students! Here’s Your Chance to Win an URB-E electric scooter!


Metrolink has begun a new online mobility survey to learn the needs of the next generation of commuters. For this survey, we are calling all college and university students throughout Southern California to participate and get the chance to win an URB-E sport folding electric scooter!

Questions in the survey include how you get to school, work and other destinations and what features would make public transit a better option for you.

We know Millennials tend to drive less and are multimodal, by relying on a variety of transit modes that include bicycling, ride-sharing and public transit. That means the results of this survey are invaluable.

Working together with student leaders from California State University, Los Angeles, data from the survey will be shared with policymakers who govern Metrolink and other public transit agencies.

Every students who participates will be entered into a drawing to win prizes, including an URB-E sport folding electric scooter that can be brought aboard trains. You can see a video of an URB-E and Metrolink commute below!

Students wishing to take the survey can click on the link below:

Student Mobility Survey


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