Project Update: Los Angeles Union Station Canopy Renovation

As many of you may be aware, platform 2 (tracks 3 and 4) has been closed since early February as part of a construction project. This project, known as the Los Angeles Union Station Canopies Renovation Project, will include platforms 3 and 4 and work is expected to through June.

The canopies, which are designated as historic structures, are now being renovated, repaired and repainted to remove existing lead-based paint, for asbestos abatement and to repair the drain and gutter system that leak during rainy weather. This project is funded by grants from Metrolink’s five member agencies.

Over the past eight weeks, the construction crews have made considerable progress on platform 2 in its goals to renovate the canopy, while giving the platform itself a touch up. Crews have removed both lead and asbestos, replaced speaker and lighting systems, repaired the drains and gutters, have repainted, which not only makes the platform and canopy more visually appealing, but makes them safer with brighter striping on steps and near the tracks.

Platform 2 is scheduled to end construction on Friday and return to service on Monday, April 9. At that time, platform 3 will close to begin work.

As part of the ongoing renovations at L.A. Union Station, the fire system will be tested beginning Monday, April 9 and lasting through Friday, April 20. During this time, riders may expedience alarms, intermittent horns and flashing lights as crews test the systems to ensure the safety of all passengers at the station.

In the pictures below, you can see how the project has progressed.

Before the renovation:

Construction progress:

Completion of work:


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