Metrolink Reminds You To Stay Safe At Stations and Platforms

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Here at Metrolink, we believe safety is the number one priority in any situation and want to remind you of how important it is, too!

Safety at stations and on platforms are just as important as any other areas, so please remember these important points. These will keep you safe and help us achieve our commitment to making sure that everyone who interacts with our trains does so safely.

  1. Never run on or toward the station platform.
  2. Always wait behind the line while standing on the platform. Do not cross the line until the train is stopped and the doors open.
  3. Train stops are brief; board immediately.
  4. Never try to board a train: once the departure whistle blows, when the ‘doors closing’ signal sounds or when train crews announce the train doors are closing.
  5. Never ride bicycles or skateboards on the platform, for the safety of other passengers.
  6. Pay attention to any audible/visual announcements from station message boards regarding delays, warnings, or other information.
  7. Do not drop off passengers in areas designated as “Bus Lanes”.
  8. Passengers requiring boarding assistance should wait at the top of the access ramp located at the end of the platform.

Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility, so if you see any issues, please tell a conductor, call our Security Operations Center at 866-640-5190 or call 911.

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