Van Nuys Station Project Update

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As Van Nuys Station riders are aware, the station has been under construction since January for a major construction project.

Once complete, this project will improve travel time, capacity, operational reliability and on-time performance through the area between Chatsworth and Burbank by creating a new platform. This will make it possible for riders to board trains on both tracks and a new pedestrian undercrossing will help keep riders safe.

Some of the already completed construction milestones include the replacement of the track adjacent to the station, new railroad fencing for security and safety, a new shoring wall where the new platform will be built and a new signal bridge for the signal system has already been built.

Below you can find photos of the station’s construction work. Also be sure to check out the time lapse video of crews replacing and realigning the tracks at the station on YouTube.

Van Nuys 1

Van Nuys 3

New shoring wall

Van Nuys 2

New railroad fencing

More information about the project can be found here.



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  1. Thanks for catching that! We have updated the link!

  2. Hi! There isn’t a confirmed completion date for this project yet, but it is scheduled to continue through the beginning of 2019.

  3. What’s the anticipated completion date of this project?

  4. I think you linked to the wrong video.

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