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This blog is a new way for us to connect with you.

Here we will tell you the stories of Metrolink, from safety and upcoming events to service changes and travel ideas. As time goes by, we hope this blog will become a community, where both Metrolink and riders can share their ideas, thoughts and even (polite) opinions!

We will provide you with timely content to keep you informed of what’s happening with Metrolink.

This blog will be a great addition to our current communications, such as the printed version of Metrolink Matters, our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, station signage and email communications.

You can look forward to having new content every week and when you subscribe, these stories will be delivered right to your inbox.

We are in the works of developing different series of content for weekly and monthly features that will be sure to help you keep up with Metrolink, the people who help make it work and riders like you.

As we start sharing stores, we look forward to reading your comments and delivering content that matters to you.


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  1. Hi John! Those are great suggestions! We are planning to keep riders updated these projects. We have recently posted about the Van Nuys Station and the new Burbank Airport – North (AV Line) Station.

  2. So, what’s the deal with the new locos sitting by the LA river? I thought they were supposed to go into service a few months ago.

  3. One of things that would be great is if Metrolink can give updates on various capital improvements projects under construction or in planning (like Van Nuys Station or the Doran Street grade separation), especially when it offers a significant improvement in the service

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